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Letter from Empress Catherine the Great

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Day 84, September 9 -- Cuttyhunk to Block Island -- 38 NM

A rather uneventful passage. we were underway 6.5 hours. Wind was supposed to be from the north to our going west for a nice beam reach. Our sails were up immediately out of the channel, full sails, anticipating lighter wind. But once all set and on our way they only moved us at three knots so the motor had to come on again. I took an off watch to do some paperwork and during that hour the wind came up. I shut down the engine and we sailed at 6.8 to 7.1 knots, on a close reach for over two hours until the wind got shut off, or more specifically got very light and from the west, dead in front of us. So we furled the genoa and motored the rest of the way.
Post labor day rates for the town's moorings are only $25, rather than about double that when we were here in June. But we got an even better rate by anchoring. The last time I anchored here was on my 28 foot Pearson with Jesse, the sailing dog, as my companion. We spent a lay day here, hunkered down during a noreaster. "Active Captain" which publishes the unfiltered views of sailors who had been here, presented conflicting views of whether this is a good place to anchor. One problem is that the large central portion of the pond is too deep. Another is that as a result, in the busy season, the area for anchoring is small and there are many boats. I've always though anchoring in these circumstances was a disaster waiting to happen. But this time of year there are few boats and the forecast was for light winds so we anchored. In June we went ashore and shopped and dined. This time we did not lower the dink.
The anchoring area is in the NE part of the pond, furthest from the frenetic area of  "The Oar." We dined aboard. If "Leeds The Way" had been here, we would have dinked in and dined with them, but they made it to Martha's Vineyard today, the objective of their cruise, and I congratulated them.
Nice sunset, tranquil, not like the wild weather we had here on our way north in June.
This is what scattered showers look like.

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